Skip Bins: West Perth

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We offer skip bin hire for West Perth Monday-­Saturday with short hours Saturdays. If you’re on Murray Street, Hay Street, Ord Street, Kings Park Road or anywhere in between, we will be happy to send your home or business skip bins on 24 hour notice. AAA Skips is a family business and we are proud to be 100% Australian owned and operated.

We have built a sterling reputation on fast, friendly and reliable service. Skip bins are available in six different sizes: 2m3 to 9m3. All except the 2m3 size have ramp access.

The size selection is somewhat standard but our customer service sets us apart from everyone else. We recycle everything that is recyclable because we are so committed to keeping our environment clean. Our three stage recycling process on every skip bin ensures maximum benefits to the environment.

We recycle bricks, whitegoods, green waste, concrete, soil, eWaste and timber. Here are some dos and don’ts to make it easier for you.

Since we transport our skip bins by road, it is important that you help us keep our drivers and everyone on the road safe. The heavier waste goes in the bottom of the skip bins, with the medium in the middle and the lightest material towards the top, with green waste at the very top. No waste is allowed to stick out of the skip bin or up from the skip bin.

What is Allowed in the Skip Bin?

  • Heavy waste including rock, soil and pavers
  • Bricks and concrete
  • Hardill and rubble including tiles, pavers, sand and bricks
  • Dirt and soil
    Green waste including timber, grass clippings, eWaste, garden waste and tree branches
  • General waste including appliances, office waste, cardboard, plastics and furniture

What is Not Allowed in the Skip Bin

  • Hazardous goods or chemicals including thinners, gas bottles, oil and paint
  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • Contact your local council for disposal of all hazardous materials.

What Sizes are Available

9m3 Sized Bins: Hold from 10­12 trailer loads. 4.0m length x 1.5m width x 1.5 m height.

7.5m3 Sized Bins: Hold from 8­10 trailer loads. 3.8m length x 1.45m width x 1.45m height.

5m3 Sized Bins: Hold from 6­8 trailer loads. 3.8m length x 1.2m width x 1.2m height.

4m3 Sized Bins: Hold from 4­5 trailer loads. 2.7m length x 1.5m width x 1.2m height.

3m3 Sized Bins: Hold from 3­4 trailer loads. 2.1m length x 1.5m width x 1.2m height.

2m3 Sized Bins: Hold from 1­2 trailer loads. 1.95m length x 1.5m width x 0.9m height.

Miscellaneous Information

We deliver skip bins to your West Perth location within 24 hours or the next business day. If you need skip bin hire at the last minute, we can arrange to get them to you faster. Our standard skip bin hire is 7 days. However, we can accommodate you if you wish to arrange for earlier pickup or an extension. Skip bins can be placed anywhere our truck can access. However, you need a council permit if you plan to put skip bins on where they can obstruct traffic, such as a street or footpath.