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If you are looking for skip bins and you live in Wanneroo, you have found the perfect website. There are a lot of land estates in Wanneroo and in cities that lie within Wanneroo. We provide skip bin hire anywhere in the Wanneroo area. Maybe you are buying a house and land package in Pafumi Rise in Landsdale or Lago Vista in Sinagra. Maybe you are building in Chianti Private Estate in Woodvale or Regent Park, near Ocean Reef Road and Backshall Place.

Our skip bin for hire service not only covers the entire Wanneroo area, we provide skip bins for all suburbs north of the river and as far south as Bentley. If you call us Monday through Friday, we will deliver your skip bin by the same time the next business day. If you really need it right now, we can often make “rush order” arrangements.

We are a locally owned family business. We provide the best in customer service. We offer six different sizes, the smallest being 2m3 and the largest 9m3.

We recycle a variety of materials, including: green waste, eWaste, whitegoods, timber, metal, bricks, concrete and soil. Because we are so committed to keeping Australia beautiful and not overtaxing the landfills, we sort through all skip bins at the transfer station whenever possible.

What You can Place in Your Skip Bins

  • Rubble and hardfill: bricks, pavers, tiles, sand.
  • Soil and dirt
  • Heavy waste: pavers, soil, rock.
  • Bricks and Concrete
  • Green Waste: grass clippings, garden waste, timber, branches.
  • General Waste: cardboard, plastics, office waste, appliances, furniture

What You Can’t Ever Place in Skip Bins
Basically current environmental regulations prohibit placing dangerous, hazardous or toxic materials in skip bins. These include: hazardous liquids such as solvents, paint, oil and pesticides. Tyres and asbestos are also prohibited. Please contact your local council if you need to dispose of hazardous waste.

Skip Bin Sizes
We offer six different skip bin sizes for hire. For even larger jobs, you may hire multiple skip bins.

2m3 Skip Bin
A 2m3 bin will fit two small trailer loads. Its measurements are 1.95m long x 1.5m wide x 0.9m high.

3m3 Skip Bin
A 3m3 bin will fit 3­4 trailer loads. Its measurements are: 2.1m long x 1.5m wide x 1.2m high.

4m3 Skip Bin
A 4m3 bin will fit 4­5 trailer loads. Its measurements are: 2.7m long x 1.5m wide x 1.2m high.

5m3 Skip Bin
A 5m3 bin will fit 6­8 trailer loads. Its measurements are: 3.8m long x 1.2m wide x 1.2m high.

7.5m3 Skip Bin
A 7.5m3 bin will fit 8­10 trailer loads. Its measurements are: 3.8m long x 1.45m wide x 1.45m high.

9m3 Skip Bin
A 9m3 bin will fit 10­12 trailer loads. Its measurements are: 4m long x 1.5m wide x 1.5m high.

How to Use Your Skip Bins in Wanneroo
There are a few rules we like you to follow to keep everyone happy. The long version is in the FAQ section.

Skip bins may be filled to the top with nothing reaching outside. Skip bin hire time is usually seven days in Wanneroo and all of our suburbs. If you need more time, ask for an extension. As long as it’s OK with your local council, you can place your skip bins anywhere on your property. But our trucks need to be able to reach them. Roads and footpaths are usually prohibited by your local council without a special permit.

To learn more, call 0438 918 850 or fill in the box on the right side of the page.