Skip Bins: North Beach

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We offer skip bin hire for North Beach and Perth suburbs that are north of the river, all the way to Yanchep. Our business hours are Monday­-Friday from 7 am to 4:30 pm and short hours on Saturday from 7 am to 12 pm. We accept credit cards or cash as payment, payable on delivery. We also create accounts for trades. You will love our friendly, experienced and professional customer service staff.

We recycle many different materials such as bricks, concrete, timber, eWaste, whitegoods, soil, metal and green waste. For ultimate efficiency in the recycling process, a three step process is used to recycle all skip bins. We “walk our talk” when it comes to caring for our environment and use every technique and resource at our disposal to make our environment cleaner.

We are proud to say that we are 100% Australian owned and operated. We pride ourselves on having built a reputation for reliable, professional, fast and friendly service.

We offer skip bins of six different sizes in North Beach and across the Perth area.

All except for the 2m3 skip bin provide ramp access. We know our skip bin sizes are standard but our outstanding commitment to customer service truly sets us apart from ordinary skip bin providers.

Here are our skip bin sizes:

  • 2m3 Skip Bins large enough for 2 trailer loads: 1.95m long x 1.5m wide x 0.9m tall.
  • 3m3 Skip Bins large enough for 3­-4 trailer loads: 2.1m long x 1.5m wide x 1.2m height.
  • 4m3 Skip Bins large enough for 4-­5 trailer loads: 2.7m length x 1.5m width x 1.2m tall.
  • 5m3 Skip Bins large enough for 6-­8 trailer loads: 3.8m long x 1.2m wide x 1.2m tall.
  • 7.5m3 Skip Bins large enough for 8­-10 trailer loads: 3.8m long x 1.45m wide x 1.45m tall.
  • 9m3 Skip Bins large enough for 10-­12 trailer loads: 4.0m long x 1.5m wide x 1.5m tall.

How to Fill Your Skip Bins

Since we use public roads to transport our skip bins, it is important that you adhere to basic rules to help keep our skip bins, our drivers and everyone else on the road safe:

  • Heavier materials go on the bottom of the bin while lighter materials go on top.
  • Green waste, such as tree branches garden waste and timber, always go at the top of the bin.
  • The bins can be filled no higher than the top.

Items Allowed in the Skip Bins

We allow skip bins to be filled with these materials:

  • Rubble and hardfill: bricks, pavers, tiles and sand
  • Heavy waste: rock, soil and pavers
  • Dirt and soil
  • Bricks and concrete
  • General waste: plastics, office waste, cardboard, appliances and furniture
  • Green waste: garden waste, timber, tree branches, grass clippings

Items Not Allowed in the Skip Bins

These materials cannot be placed in skip bins due to legislation and current Government regulations.

  • Hazardous materials: oils, thinners, gas bottles, paint etc
  • Asbestos
  • Tyres

If your hazardous materials need disposal or recycling, call your local council to find out where to dispose of them.

How High to Fill Skip Bins

You can only fill your skip bins to the top. Nothing can be sticking over the top or protruding out the sides.

For more information or for skip bin hire in North Beach or any location north of the river, contact AAA Skips: 0438 918 850.