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If you are looking for skip bins for hire in Belmont, you are in the right place. Whether you live on Hardey Road, Leake Street, Epsom Avenue or you own more expensive property on Vaucluse Circuit or Larsen Street, we can provide skip bins within 24 hours of your phone call, Monday­ – Friday.

We service as far south as Bentley and virtually any suburb north of the River. If you don’t know about AAA Skips yet, let us tell you a little bit. We are a 100% locally owned, family business. We offer six different sizes from 2m3 to 9m3. All except the smallest allow for ramp access.

Because we are committed to recycling, we sort through our skip bins at the landfill station whenever possible. We also provide skip bins for the sole purpose of recycling if you like. The following are recyclable materials: timber, concrete, bricks, soil, whitegoods, green waste, eWaste and metal.

Filling Your Skip Bins: What is Allowed?

  • Green Waste: timber, tree branches, grass clippings, garden waste
  • General Waste: appliances, furniture, plastics, office waste, cardboard
  • Heavy Waste: pavers, rock, soil
  • Concrete and Bricks
  • Rubble and Hardfill: pavers, tiles, sand, bricks
  • Soil and Dirt

What is Not Allowed in Your Skip Bin
Anything that is seen as hazardous or toxic is not allowed in your skip bin. This includes: tyres, asbestos and chemicals such as paint thinner, oil, paint or gas bottles. If you need hazardous materials removed, we recommend calling your local council.

Skip Bin Sizes
We offer six different sizes to ensure that all jobs from the largest to the smallest can be taken care of with maximum efficiency and economy.

2m3 Skip Bin
A 2m3 bin can hold up to two small trailer loads. Its dimensions are 1.95m long x 1.5m wide x 0.9m high.

3m3 Skip Bin
A 3m3 bin can hold 3­4 trailer loads. Its dimensions are: 2.1m long x 1.5m wide x 1.2m high.

4m3 Skip Bin
A 4m3 bin can hold 4­5 trailer loads. Its dimensions are: 2.7m long x 1.5m wide x 1.2m high.

5m3 Skip Bin
A 5m3 bin can hold 6­8 trailer loads. Its dimensions are: 3.8m long x 1.2m wide x 1.2m high

7.5m3 Skip Bin
A 7.5m3 bin can hold 8­10 trailer loads. Its dimensions are: 3.8m long x 1.45m wide x 1.45m high.

9m3 Skip bin
A 9m3 bin can hold 10­12 trailer loads. Its dimensions are: 4m long x 1.5m wide x 1.5m high.

A Guide to Using Your Skip Bins in Belmont
There are a few guidelines for using your skip bins that will keep you, us and your local council happy. Here is the short version; there is a bit more detail in our FAQ section.

Don’t overload your skip bins. Nothing should be over the top or the sides. Standard skip bin hire time, in Belmont and all of our suburbs, is seven days. You can request an extension if necessary. All of our bins have ramps except for the smallest one. You can place your skip bin anywhere you like, as long as it’s on your property and our truck can get to it. Keep them off of the road or footpaths unless you have obtained a permit from your local council.

For more information, call 0438 918 850 or request information on the right side of the page.