Skip Bins: Balcatta

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We provide skip bin hire in Balcatta Monday­Saturday with shorter hours on Saturdays. If you are building or remodeling on Lindisfarne Way, Cedric Street, Albert Street, Burwood Road, Bertal Way or need skip bins at any other place in Balcatta, we will have them there for you within one business day. AAA Skips is proud to be a 100% Australian owned and operated family business.

Our friendly, reliable and fast customer service is the best in the business. We provide skip bins in six different sizes, from 2m3 (smallest) to 9m3 (largest). Only the 2m3 skip bins are not accessible by ramp.

While our skip bins may be the same sizes as everyone else’s, our customer service separates us from the rest. We are fully committed to making our environment better, so every skip bin goes through a three stage recycling process. That ensures the best use of our natural resources.

We recycle eWaste, soil, concrete, whitegoods, bricks, green waste and timber. More details are provided below..

Our skip bins are transported to and from your home or business using the road and we have guidelines to keep our drivers and our roads safe.

The bottom of the bins gets the heaviest waste. Next, put medium weight waste, followed by lighter waste. Save the top for green waste and branches. Make sure your waste does not overflow the bins on the sides or the top.

What is Allowed in the Skip Bin?

  • Hardill and rubble including tiles, pavers, sand and bricks
  • Green waste: timber, tree branches, eWaste, grass clippings and garden waste
  • Soil and dirt
  • Heavy waste: pavers, soil and rock
  • Concrete and bricks
  • General waste: furniture, cardboard, office waste, appliances and plastics

What is Not Allowed in the Skip Bin

  • Hazardous goods or chemicals: oil, thinners, paint and gas bottles
  • Asbestos
  • Tyres
  • For disposal of hazardous materials, contact your local council.

What Sizes are Available

9m3 Capacity Skip Bins: Space for 10­12 trailer loads. 4.0m length x 1.5m width x 1.5 m height.

7.5m3 Capacity Skip Bins: Space for 8­10 trailer loads. 3.8m length x 1.45m width x 1.45m height.

5m3 Capacity Skip Bins: Space for 6­8 trailer loads. 3.8m length x 1.2m width x1.2m height.

4m3 Capacity Skip Bins: Space for 4­5 trailer loads. 2.7m length x 1.5m width x1.2m height.

3m3 Capacity Skip Bins: Space for 3­4 trailer loads. 2.1m length x 1.5m width x1.2m height.

2m3 Capacity Skip Bins: Space for 1­2 trailer loads. 1.95m length x 1.5m width x 0.9m height.

Miscellaneous Information

We ask for 24 hour notice but we can provide expedited skip bin hire if necessary. Our standard skip bin hire is for seven days but you can arrange early return or an extension. We are flexible for skip bin placement as long as we can find access for our truck. However, you may be subject to fines from your local council or neighbourhood if your bins are placed in a road or footpath without the permission of your council.