Why the Global Summit on Asbestos Disposal was so Important to Perth

Why the Global Summit on Asbestos Disposal was so Important to Perth

While it may not seem to have a lot to do with asbestos disposal in Perth, a recent meeting in Brisbane was important to us. The meeting was called the 3rd International Conference on Asbestos Awareness and Management and was held on 14-15 November, 2016.

What it Means to Asbestos Disposal in Perth

The conference is an international conference. It brings together experts such as doctors, scientists and even mesothelioma victims to discuss important issues related to getting rid of the asbestos that is still causing sickness and trying to prevent any more sickness.

Australia currently records 12 deaths a week from mesothelioma, a disease caused exclusively by asbestos. Though records are sketchy, experts estimate that Australia has the second-highest number of asbestos-related deaths in the world, second only to England.

Global Summit on Asbestos Disposal was so Important to Perth

DIY home renovators now have the second-highest level of asbestos related death in Australia. The conference presented research in which a number of DIY renovators feel they don’t have sufficient education or information to protect themselves adequately from being harmed by asbestos when they renovate their homes.

According to Peter Tighe, CEO of the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency, asbestos is dangerous to one’s health and likely to cause death. Unfortunately, the symptoms take as long as twenty years to show up, by which time it is often too late to do anything about them.

One of Mr Tighe’s foremost priorities is for DIY home renovators to be provided with more access to information on how to identify asbestos, remove it and dispose of it when renovating.

Australia’s Asbestos Problem

During the years from 1950-1970, the baby boom caused a building boom in Australia. Most houses built during that period were built with asbestos sheeting. According to worldwide statistics, Australia had the highest rate of asbestos use per capita in the entire world.

This caused a lot of mesothelioma deaths in those who built homes during that era. It also means that most old buildings have asbestos in them that could affect the health of those who live in them at any time.

Carpenters born in the 1940’s have a 1 in 17 chance of dying from an asbestos-related illness. For construction workers, it’s 1 in 55. For electricians, plumbers and painters, it’s 1 in 125. An abstract of Australian statistics from workers’ compensation from 2005-2008 included carpenters, joiners, power generation plant operators, machinists, metal fitters, plumbers, electricians and telecommunications tradespeople.

According to Mr Tighe, Britain and Australia are expected to see mesothelioma deaths reach their peak in 2020, meaning it is going to get worse before it gets better. Sadly, the average lifespan after a mesothelioma diagnosis is only nine months.

In 2014, 641 Australians died of mesothelioma. 80% of them were male and the most common age range of those affected was between 70-79 years old.

Safe Asbestos Disposal

We advise all DIY renovators to have their homes professionally assessed for asbestos. If there is any asbestos in your home, we recommend that you have it removed by professionals. Asbestos has to have its own specially-designed skip bins for transporting it away from your home. It then has to be disposed of in a way that won’t hurt the environment.

If you do insist on removing your own asbestos, make sure it is all wrapped fully in plastic, no more than 20mm thick. No more than 30 sheets of asbestos can be wrapped at one time. Each pack of asbestos must be fully taped so that no asbestos is in any danger of falling out.

Call AAA Skips for Asbestos Disposal in Perth

At AAA Skips, we provide skip bins and special asbestos disposal bins for Perth and all suburbs north of the river. Our staff is prompt, friendly and professional. At AAA Skips, we treat all of our customers like family because we are a family-run business. We can have skip bins out to you by the same time the next business day. If you need special dispensation, ask us and we can often provide same-day service.

To learn more or to arrange for an asbestos disposal bin, call us today: 1300 918 850.

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