Choosing the Right Skip Bin Hire in Perth

Choosing the Right Skip Bin Hire in Perth

If you are looking for skip bin hire in Perth, we know there are a lot of people who want your business. However, we also know that we are one of the most trusted names for skip bins in the Perth area. We would like to tell you some factors you need to think about when looking for skip bin hire.

Right Skip Bin Hire in Perth

What Do You Need to Put in the Skip Bins?

We recycle materials in our skip bins, so there are only certain materials you are allowed to use them for. You are allowed to use skip bins for the following materials: soil, dirt, hardfill, bricks, sand, pavers, tiles, rock, bricks, concrete, green waste and general waste. Green waste can include garden waste, grass clippings, tree branches and timber. General waste can include furniture, cardboard, plastics, appliances and office waste.

What You Can’t Put in the Skip Bins

You can’t put hazardous materials in skip bins. That includes tyres, asbestos and chemicals such as paint, solvents, oil and gas bottles. Organic waste or garbage is not allowed, either.

Skip Bin Sizes

You must make sure you can find skip bins that are the right size for your operation. We offer skip bins that hold 2 m3, 3 m3, 4 m3, 5 m3, 7.5 m3 and 9 m3. The 2 m3 size doesn’t have ramp access, but the rest do.

Customer Service

In our estimation, customer service is the most important factor. Sizes are pretty general; most competent skip bin hire firms in the Perth area offer roughly the same standard sizes. As long as a company has the size you need, customer service is what will determine whether your experience is positive or negative.

At AAA Skips, we are still family-owned and operated. We combine the resources of a larger company with the customer service of a family operation. We treat you like family and our first goal on every transaction is to make you happy.

To learn more or to arrange for skip bin hire in any Perth suburb north of the river, call us today: 0438 918 850.

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