Are Cheap Skip Bins Really a Bargain in Perth?

Are Cheap Skip Bins Really a Bargain in Perth?

If you are looking for cheap skip bins in Perth, be careful what you ask for. Don’t sacrifice quality for price when you can have both at AAA Skips. We know there is a lot of competition with a lot of firms offering “cheap skip bins” in the Perth area. But are you really getting a bargain? Let’s take a look.

Are Cheap Skip Bins Really a Bargain in Perth

A lot of firms offering cheap skip bins in the Perth area are basically offering junk. They are offering old skip bins that are dirty, falling apart and just plain ugly. As far as we’re concerned, life is too short to use ugly skip bins. You don’t need an eyesore on your worksite or near your business. You also don’t want to hassle with using half-broken bins or grossly unsanitary equipment.

At AAA Skip Bins, you will find that we are competitively priced. However, just because we have low prices doesn’t mean we skimp on quality. Not only do we provide clean, new skip bins delivered on well-maintained trucks, we only employ drivers who are professional and friendly. They arrive on time, every time with a clean, pressed uniform.

When you call and talk to our customer service people, they will treat you like you are a part of our family. In fact, when you get your skip bins from us, we consider you to be a part of our family.

What is Allowed in the Skip Bins?

We allow the standard discards in our skip bins. This includes general waste, eWaste, green waste, heavy waste, soil, bricks, concrete and the standard assortment of materials that are included in these categories. While we prohibit using the skip bins for hazardous materials such as chemicals, asbestos and tyres, we do have special skip bins available for asbestos disposal.

Everything we pick up from you goes through a three stage recycling process. This helps keep the environment in good shape for your children and your grandchildren.

To learn more, call AAA Skips today: 0438 918 850.

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