Asbestos Bins

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Asbestos Disposal & Removal Perth

Bins supplied for asbestos are to contain asbestos ONLY. No other waste is to be placed in the same bin. Asbestos MUST be wrapped entirely with plastic, not less than 20mm thickness and labelled “danger asbestos”.

Each pack of asbestos must contain no more than thirty full sheets, or broken sheets easily managed by one person.

Each pack must be securely taped so as to prevent asbestos coming free of the wrapping when tipped.

AAA Skips are one of the few companies in Perth who provide specialised services in asbestos disposal. The team at AAA Skips are here to complete the job in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

It is highly recommended that the disposal of asbestos is undertaken by professionals who have a sound knowledge of the specific rules and regulations required in the process.

Once the asbestos is safely removed from your property, our Perth asbestos disposal team at AAA Skips will safely get rid of the product. We take the disposal of asbestos seriously and ensure safe practices and procedures are followed at all times.

View The Government Info & Facts Sheet For Asbestos Removal