Always Let Professionals Handle Asbestos Removal

Always Let Professionals Handle Asbestos Removal

We handle asbestos removal in all Perth suburbs north of the river. Sadly, a lot of the asbestos removal jobs we do in the Perth area are after the homeowner or business owner tried to do it themselves and put themselves or their families at risk due to improper removal. Here is why you should always let professionals remove asbestos from your home or business.

It is Dangerous

The reason asbestos needs to be removed in the first place is because it is dangerous and can cause mesothelioma and other lung conditions. Any mishap with asbestos can expose you and those around you to dangerous asbestos fibres in the air. If you have asbestos in your home and it hasn’t been damaged in any way, you are safe as long as you don’t cause the fibres to go into the air.

Asbestos Removal in Perth

If you have asbestos sheet walls inside of your home, they are not actively dangerous as long as they are 100% intact. The problem is that age or wear and tear can damage the integrity of the sheets and expose you to dangerous fibres. Sometimes the best option is to just leave them alone until you can have professionals remove them.

If you are even thinking about DIY asbestos removal, here are four questions to ask yourself.

  • Do I really need to do this or can I leave it alone for now?
  • Can I use alternative measures such as painting or sealing the asbestos?
  • Can I comply with all of the regulations that come into play when removing asbestos?
  • Should I just use a licensed, professional asbestos removal crew?

If you do decide to do this on your own, here are some rules you must follow to keep yourself and those around you safe.

  • Never use power tools.
  • Never use compressed air.
  • Never use abrasive sanding or cutting discs.
  • Never walk on a roof made of corrugated asbestos. You may fall through.
  • Never use high pressure hoses.
  • Never leave asbestos products laying around anywhere. Put them in an approved container.
  • Make sure your work area is well-ventilated.
  • Wet down the materials and keep them wet to lessen the possibility of fibres or dust.
  • If you don’t know whether the material is made of asbestos, get it tested by a NATA-accredited laboratory.

If You Use Our Asbestos Removal Bins

The asbestos bin is for asbestos only. Don’t put any other materials in the bins. You must wrap all asbestos in plastic that is at least 20 mm thick. Label each package “DANGER: ASBESTOS.”

Each package must contain a small enough amount of asbestos that it can be easily managed by one person. This can be as many as 30 sheets. If the sheets are broken, we encourage you to put in considerably less for safe handling.

You must tape every package securely. No asbestos dust or fibres should ever escape the package when it is moved or tipped.

At AAA Skips, we are one of the only skip bin hire firms in the Perth area that provide professional asbestos disposal services. Once the asbestos is safely in the bins and removed from your property, we have our own asbestos removal team that has a lot of experience and get rid of your asbestos safely and legally.

Why it is So Important to Hire Professionals for Asbestos Disposal

We have provided some basic guidelines here, but there are a maze of rules and regulations concerning asbestos disposal. A professional asbestos removal firm will know all of the regulations, whether they are from Perth, your suburb, the WA Government or the Australian Government.

If you have an accident, you will need to take your family out of your home while it is fixed. Asbestos removal is serious and doing it wrong can cause great harm to you or your family. Even if you are great at renovations, etc, you are still an amateur when it comes to asbestos disposal. Professionals are experienced and have the correct tools and knowledge to remove asbestos from your home or business safely and efficiently with minimal disruption to your lifestyle.

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