Why AAA Skips is the Best Skip Bin Hire in Perth

Why AAA Skips is the Best Skip Bin Hire in Perth

If you need skip bin hire in any Perth suburb north of the river, AAA Skips is your best choice for numerous reasons. Here are some of the best reasons why you should always call AAA Skips when you need skip bin hire in the Perth area.

Family Operated

We are family operated and 100% Australian. We are proud of that. We live in the same neighbourhoods as many of you. We are proud to be a part of the communities we serve. But why do we see this as such a positive?

It’s because we treat you like family. We see all of our customers as a part of our large, extended family. Have you ever called someone for skip bin hire and been put on “permanent hold?” Or did the customer service agent seem in too much of a hurry to answer all of your questions? Maybe they just weren’t very friendly. Maybe they didn’t take that extra time to ask how you were doing that day.

Maybe it was just sloppy execution, like your skip bins not arriving on time. Maybe the driver was unprofessional, disinterested or not even dressed in a uniform. Maybe the truck was dirty and old. Were the skip bins in good shape? Or were they dirty and worn? Did everything work or were the lids cracked and hinges broken?

Why AAA Skips is the Best Skip Bin Hire in Perth

This never happens with AAA Skips because we care. We pay close attention to detail so you get exactly what you ordered, on time, every time.

It starts with the person who answers the phone. They may not be a family member, but they are part of the AAA family. They care about you and do their best to make sure you get exactly what you need. Your phone call will never be treated like an inconvenience with AAA Skips. We will address you by your name and talk to you like a family member or an old friend. We will take as much time with you as you need to be satisfied that every question you have was answered and you will get the skip bins you need in the right place at the right time.

If it stopped with the people in the office, that would be enough to make AAA Skips the best skip bin hire firm in the Perth area. But it gets even better. Once the order is taken, it goes to one of our drivers. Our drivers are professional and friendly. They will deliver your skip bin on a clean, mechanically-sound truck. They will be well dressed and polite.

Your skip bin will be fully-maintained and will look great wherever you need it on your work site. We update and maintain our skip bins to make sure they never detract from your worksite. They are always in perfect working order. That way, you know there won’t be any “surprises” when you are using your skip bin.

What Can You Place in Your Skip Bins?

You can put a lot of different forms of waste in your skip bins, including the following:

  • Green waste such as garden waste, tree branches, timber and grass clippings
  • General waste such as appliances, furniture, cardboard, plastic and other office waste
  • Heavy waste such as pavers, rock and soil
  • Rubble and hardfill such as bricks, sand and tiles
  • Dirt and soil
  • Concrete

We recycle bricks, soil, timber, concrete, metal, eWaste, green waste and whitegoods. We use a three stage recycling process on materials placed in our skip bins to make sure as much as possible is recycled. However, we don’t recycle hazardous materials: such as asbestos, tyres and chemicals. This helps keep the environment sustainable for your children, their children and beyond.

We like to keep our drivers and everyone on the road safe, so we ask that you only fill your skip bins level to the top. Nothing can stick out the top and nothing can hang over the sides.

If you want to find out for yourself why AAA Skips is the best skip bin hire firm in Perth, call us today: 0438 918 850.

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