$20,000 for Hiring Skip Bins in Perth?

$20,000 for Hiring Skip Bins in Perth?

We provide skip bins to all Perth suburbs north of the river. For those of you who don’t know it, the skip bin hire business is pretty competitive. There are a lot of people out there telling you how great their equipment and service is. But there is only one company out there willing to back it up with $20,000: AAA Skips.

So, how are we backing it up? We are going to enter everyone who hires skip bins in any of the Perth suburbs we service a chance to win $20,000. Someone is going to win $20,000 just because they chose the right place to hire skip bins in the Perth area.

So why are we doing this? Why are we going to give away $20,000 to one lucky skip bin hire customer? Because we want you to experience our skip bin hire and our customer service. We are more than willing to spend $20,000 to encourage everyone in the northern Perth suburbs to try our skip bins because we know that a lot of you will come back and turn into repeat customers.

$20,000 for Hiring Skip Bins in Perth

Why Our Skip Bins Provide the Best Customer Experience in Perth

If we sound confident, it’s because we are confident. We know that we are providing the best skip bin hire in the Perth area. There are some solid reasons behind our belief. Here are a few of them.

Family Business

AAA Skips is a family business, Australian owned and operated. Everyone we hire is hired based on their ability to fit into our business “family.” One of the main requirements is the ability to treat every customer like a member of our family. Because to us, if you are one of our customers, you are part of our family.

Have you ever been on the phone with any business and felt like you were just another customer? Even worse, have you ever felt that you were a low priority customer? At AAA Skips, there is no such thing as “just another customer” or a low priority customer.

We treat you like we would treat a family member. We know that your home, business or construction site is important to you. We know that people sometimes get in a jam. With some companies, if you get in a jam, they just tell you they’re sorry but they can’t do anything for you. At AAA Skips, if you need skip bins in any Perth suburb north of the river and you need them now, we will do everything we can to expedite your delivery and get them to you ASAP.

Whenever you speak to any of our customer service people, they will treat you like you are important to us because you are important to us. We will remember your name. Eventually, we will get to know you as you become a regular customer.

Abundant Resources

While we run like a small business, we have the resources of a big business. Our skip bins are always kept in great shape. So are the trucks we deliver them with. You need your skip bins to be clean and in perfect working condition. You want them delivered by a friendly, professional driver in a crisp, professional uniform in a truck that is clean and well-maintained.

At AAA Skips, you get all of that and more. We have plenty of financial backing so we don’t have to skimp on our quality, cleanliness or professionalism. We can afford to replace or maintain our skip bins when they show signs of wear and tear. We can afford to keep our trucks clean and well-maintained. This allows us to provide you with the best skip bin hire in Perth.

Call AAA Skips Today

Does this sound good to you? Do you want a chance to win $20,000? Do you want to be treated like a valued family member by the best customer service crew in the business? Do you want clean skip bins in all of the standard sizes delivered to you within 24 hours on any business day?

To learn more or to try us out and see what we mean, call AAA Skips today: 0438 918 850.

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