How full can I fill the skip bin?
All AAA Skips are to be level loaded only without any materials or items overhanging the top.

If a Skip bin is overloaded upon pickup, the hirer will be subject to an extra charge.

How long do I get to keep the bin?
The standard hire period for our skip bins is 7 days. However, should you require an early pick up or an extension of your hire period, this can be arranged.

How soon can you deliver my bin?
Same day service is available, but ideally we prefer 24 hours notice to get your bin out to you.

Do your bins have doors or ramps?
Yes, all our bins do except for our 2 m³  and 5 m³ bins.

What can I put in the bin?
We accept all waste except asbestos, super 6, tyre’s and hazardous goods. Please refer to ‘Waste types‘.

Where can I place the skip bin?
The skip bin can be placed anywhere on your property, provided there is access for our truck. Bins are not allowed to be placed on the road or footpath where they may obstruct other traffic, without a council permit.

What size skip will I need for my job?
In general, 1m³ is the equivalent of one 6×4 trailer load or approximately 10 wheelbarrow loads. If you have 8 trailer loads, you will require an 8m³ skip bin; if you only have one trailer load you will need our 2 m³ bin.

How do I pay for the skip?
We accept credit card (Visa and MasterCard), and cash payments. Please discuss your payment preference with our phone operator.

Who is responsible for the skip?
You, as the purchaser of the service, are responsible for the skip bin. You are responsible for how the bin is loaded and the materials loaded in the bin even if someone else has loaded the bin for you.

Can you pick my skip bin up before the end of the 7 day period?
Yes, if you require an early pick up please contact us.

Does AAA Skips work in an environmentally friendly way?
Where possible we separate waste products and recycle what we can to minimize the impact on landfill.

What are your opening times?
Our opening times are Monday to Friday, 7am-4.30pm and Saturday 7am-12 noon.

How can I order a bin?
By using our contact form at the right or by calling us on 08 94674055 or 0438 918 850